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Why SmartOption?
Simply put, SmartOption is the most cost-effective, flexible and easy to use PT practice management software currently available. It includes all of the functionality needed to schedule, bill, and document. Plus, you can maintain your company settings right from your desk top without incurring unnecessary technical support costs. Every SmartOption contract includes 10 free hours of training/support time, and our ASP model allows upgrades and software customizations to be installed "on the fly", giving you immediate access to program enhancements.

Other PT software is frequently sold in "modules"; you must buy the scheduling, billing and documentation pieces of the program separately and pay user fees for each. Not with SmartOption. All users get the entire application for about the same cost of only one module from other software providers; your company administrator then assigns access according to the "permission" level of each user. This is particularly cost-effective for small to moderate-size companies where employees multi-task and need access to more than one module.

The SmartOption application runs on a Citrix-based server. Citrix software gives users access from any location, with any device, on any network. Citrix also offers the highest levels of speed and security and will adapt to virtually any hardware, including PCs, printers, scanners or terminal devices that you are currently using or may add in the future — saving you thousands in hardware costs.

SmartOption software was designed to be easy. Other programs can be cumbersome, with cluttered graphic user interfaces. SmartOption's easy-to-navigate Windows platform allows all screens to be minimized and restored, preserving information that has been entered and reducing the need to switch between keyboard and mouse. Actually, SmartOption is so easy that most companies are able to complete the training process before using all of their complimentary support hours. This could represent a substantial reduction in upfront costs for your company.

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